Patrick dougherty

Explore the mesmerizing art installations created by Patrick Dougherty. Discover how his unique sculptures blend nature and architecture to create enchanting outdoor spaces.
Patrick Dougherty Felix Gonzalez Torres, Jeanne Claude, Environmental Artist, Native American Traditions, Antonio Canova, Flora Design, Alberto Giacometti, Deep Art, Artistic Installation

Patrick Dougherty

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Ancient Astronomy, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Living Willow, Montreal Botanical Garden, Sacred Garden, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Organic Art, Unique Perspective, Earth Homes

07/2017 -Fancy's Bower-, Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, QB, Canada — Patrick Dougherty

Center tower: 24’ X 24’ and 22’ tall Four gateways: 10’ X 5’ and 16’ tall Four pyramidal shapes: 5’ X 5’ and 16’ tall Material: Willow Inspiration for this work came from ancient observatories. The center tower has a large oculus in the ceiling to enhance the feeling of looking skyward. The outlying pyramids reference Stonehenge and other such monuments to ancient astronomy. At the same time, the sculpture offers the visitor an invitation to a quiet retreat, a secret bower, a…

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