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Immerse yourself in the captivating adventures of the Penguins of Madagascar. Learn about their incredible journeys, mischievous antics, and heartwarming friendships. Join the fun and explore the extraordinary lives of these lovable characters.
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Rico is one of the main characters of the Madagascar franchise. He is presumably the same age as his brother Kowalski and Skipper but is older than Private. He is also the team's head of the demolition and storage. Rico is crazy, insane, lovable. He is often loose cannon. Rico is obedient as he never has once disobeyed Skipper, seen in both film and TV series. Rico is also not very bright and is also psychopathic and has shown to go crazy. Private states that Rico always sees chainsaws as an…

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Private and Kowalski have a good relationship. Private looks up to Kowalski, he is respectful of his knowledge and looks at him as a hero. (This was mentioned in Mask of the Raccoon.) They have learned how to read together and always help each other. Private and Rico have a good relationship, but Private also believes that Rico would betray his own team to get what he wants or to get a mission fulfilled. Thus, Rico may have exhibited some sort of selfish or disturbing behavior (which is…

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