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Explore the life and work of Peter Tosh, the iconic reggae musician and activist. Discover his powerful music, his fearless advocacy for social justice, and how he continues to inspire generations today.
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Peter Tosh was genuinely revolutionary in his thoughts and ambitions for his music and he really did want to change the world with his lyrics. Although he was thought by many to be a complicated individual due to his no-nonsense, militant personality, one certain fact is that he was a man of many talents, a...

Reginald Jenkins
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Peter Tosh The Ultimate Experience (Shanachie) More than 20 years since Peter Tosh's 1987 assassination, the Wailers co-founder's legacy (as well as Bob Marley's) live on around the world, but that rings especially true in his native Jamaica, where he burst out of poverty and misery to become one...

Albert Goedhart
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This year is the 40th anniversary of Peter Tosh’s solo debut Legalize It—now available on CD in the superior, uncluttered “original Jamaican mix”—and his shoes remain vacant. Tosh’s rebelliousness was bound up with his eccentricity: he spoke in his own riddling, punning language, blew pot smoke in the faces of the most powerful men in Jamaica, and, time and again, perversely bit hands that fed him. In his way, he was full of good cheer, too. Whose day wouldn’t be brightened by the sight of…