Philippine wedding

Plan your dream wedding in the Philippines with these beautiful ideas. Explore traditional customs, stunning venues, and unique touches to make your day truly special.
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This Bride Struck the Perfect Balance Between Being a Minimalist and Playfully Bold

Bride Lara exudes modern elegance in a minimalist dress with a charming oversized bow at the back. The true showstopper, though, are her colorful patterned shoes. At first glance, they might seem surprising, but in the context of their wedding, they are nothing short of beautiful. The entire wedding is accentuated by subtle pops of

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How to Plan a Filipino Wedding

With its diverse array of peoples and cultures scattered across more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a place where wedding traditions come in all shapes and sizes. While some couples opt for large, traditional Catholic ceremonies, others choose more intimate, non-denominational affairs. Click here to read more!

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