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Enhance your piano teaching with these effective strategies and techniques for piano pedagogy. Discover new approaches to engage and inspire your students to become proficient pianists.
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When you are learning how to play the piano, consistent practice is super important. But what should that daily practice time consist of? Here are 7 Elements of Effective Piano Practice. These are things that should be a part of your daily practice routine to help you become a well-rounded

Suzanne Richins
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How can we as piano teachers add variety and musical interest to our students' repertoire lists? How can we include more diversity in the composers we choose and the musical styles we teach? Here are my 10 favorite supplemental collections for intermediate students.

Maureen Hunt
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My teaching today has been strongly influenced by my grad school professor Dr. Sylvia Coats, as well as her teacher Dr. Guy Duckworth. Before I arrived at Wichita State University to work on my Masters in Piano Pedagogy, I was a piano teacher who was very tied to a method book. I taught one page ... Read More about Conceptual Teaching – An Overview

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