Pike flies

Discover the best pike flies to catch more fish on your next fly fishing trip. Improve your chances of success with these proven fly patterns and techniques.
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Pike and musky flies are unique in the world of fly fishing. These flies are larger and flashier than many fly anglers are used to. Often, these flies require specialized fly fishing rigs to cast properly. I have personally found the flies below to be very effective while fly fishing pike and musky. The pictures ... Read more

rod grant
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SIMON....Here they are bro...4/0 Gamakatsu saltwater, 3x strong. Tip to tail they are all around 7 inches long. They should rock some Pike for my man Simon Graham...Rubber legs, long thin hackle tails, marabou butt sections, saddle hackle legs for movement, stacked tight deer belly, Jurassic eyes, double 40lb mono weed guards....Clear Cure Goo thin to stiffen the collars....Virtually indestructible..

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