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Surreal Scenes and Pixelation Overlay Vintage Artworks in Hybrid Oil Paintings by André Schulze | Colossal Design, Inspiration, Resim, Sanat, Modern, Pins, Kunst, Rita

André Schulze scours dusty thrift store bins and private advertisements for vintage paintings and photographs created in the first half of the 20th Century. The German artist restores the found artworks and then dramatically alters them by working directly on the canvas, layering each rendering with boldly new scenes: a stodgy bookworm finds himself in a sea of fish, an elderly woman peers out her window only to see a neighboring home ablaze, and a vintage portrait is transformed into a…

Yvonne Kingsley

Artist Statement: "This abstract bread series explores what can represent a pixel (the individual units that compose an image). I re-constructs and modernizes famous artworks from numerous movements throughout art history, painted by the old masters, including Da Vinci, Vermeer, Magritte etc. The mosaic-like installations are composed using (graffiti colour) painted pieces of toast, which

I Turned These Modern Masterpieces Into Pixelated Street Art | Bored Panda Art, Art Projects, Street Art, Modern Art, New Art, Art Design, Abstract Artists, Illustration Art, Community Art

My name is Screw7oose and I am a Sydey street artist that uses thousands of wooden cubes to recreate famous artworks. When I was little, I was obsessed with my Nintendo Entertainment System, ever since then I've had pixels on the brain! Some people ask me if my work is inspired by Minecraft but I've never even played it! I watched Exit through the Gift Shop a few years ago and was blown away by artists like Banksy and Invader! Ever since then I knew I wanted t0 be a street artist! My first…

Michael Warren