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Explore the vibrant tattoo scene in Portland and find unique and creative tattoo ideas that will help you express your individuality. Discover talented artists and book your appointment today!
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Here you can find Top 16 Portland Tattoo Shops and tattoo artists, with +45 photos so you can get inspired and decide the best for you! - Sarah Carr (Scapegoat Tattoo) - Virginia Marqueton (Scapegoat Tattoo - Chloe Devora (Icon Tattoo) - Lorin Devine (Icon Tattoo) - Elli Adams (Reliquary Tattoo) - Meg Adamson (Reliquary Tattoo) - Katt Garrigan (Grizzly Tattoo) - Tanya Finder (Grizzly Tattoo) - Alice Kendall (Wonderland Tattoo) - Jenny Koll (Tattoo 34) - Marena (New Rose Tattoo) - Risa…

Stephanie Koszt
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One of America’s most inked cities, Portland boasts a deep well of tattoo shops and artists, primed to help craft your permanent Rose City memory. Our roundup of Portland tattoo shops offers a mix of walk-in and appointment-only inking sessions. Keep in mind some artists have lengthy waitlists — so plan ahead. All that’s left...