Powered bicycle

Experience the thrill of effortless pedaling with powered bicycles. Explore top ideas to revolutionize your commute and embrace a greener way of getting around.
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DIY E-Bike Out of Car Alternator

DIY E-Bike Out of Car Alternator: This alternator might seems like a regular one but in our previous project we have converted it into a powerful brushless motor the link to is given below. https://www.instructables.com/Converting-Car-Alter... Now if you look closely we have got…

Brian Hains
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Greg's Electric Powered Bicycle Trailer

Greg's Electric Powered Bicycle Trailer: Electric Bicycle Trailer Powered by an electric motor and batteries, this trailer pushes a bicycle around. A gear shift mounts to the handlebars so the rider can select the proper gear on the trailer wheel to get up hills or control speed. The…

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