Preserved moss

Discover how to incorporate preserved moss into your home decor and craft projects. Get inspired with top ideas for adding a touch of nature to your living space.
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Everyone knows that live moss is the most trusty visual tool in the terrarium builder’s toolkit. But unlike a good piece of equipment, it isn’t particularly hardy. Many moss art projects struggle to provide the conditions needed to keep the moss alive. Enter preserved moss: the hero of the hour. There’s no denying that preserved […]

Kelly Longale Stark
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The Lush Collection. Please indicate “horizontal” or “vertical” in the Personalization area below. An array of lush preserved mosses and ferns, encased in a handmade, hardwood natural or aluminum frame will make a perfect addition to your space. Each created piece will be unique and special in its own way but will follow the same design footprint as what you see in the pictures. Your moss art is guaranteed to be an eye-catching, conversational piece for years to come. This unique…

priya arn
How to preserve moss. - The Art of Doing Stuff

I'd like to start us off today with a poem. Moss is soft Moss is green Moss is where the wormies scream when you on them step by accident by karen copyright 2014 I'm not sure how much screaming they actually do when you step on them considering they don't make a sound when you...Read More

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