Prince albert

Explore the extraordinary life and lasting impact of Prince Albert. Learn about his achievements, influence, and enduring contributions to history.
Prince Albert (1819-1861)  by William Essex  Signed and dated 1841 Royal Collection Trust Victoria, Queen Victoria, Portraits, England, Queen Victoria Prince Albert, Queen Victoria Children, Royal Family, Queen Victoria Family, Prince Albert

William Essex trained as an enamel painter in the workshop of Charles Muss (1779 – 1824), Enamel Painter to William IV. Essex first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1818 and throughout the 1820s and early 1830s built up a successful practice, working chiefly in enamel. William Essex must have had his first introduction to court circles through Charles Muss. He may initially have worked in collaboration with his teacher, but by 1827 was earning his own commissions from George IV. In 1834…

Irina Adler