Prusa i3 mk3

Discover the power of the Prusa i3 MK3, the ultimate 3D printer for all your creative needs. Experience high-quality prints and endless possibilities with this cutting-edge technology.
Filament dryboxes and alternative spool holders - not only for MMU2S - Prusa Printers Ideas, Ikea, Filament, Drilling Holes, Humidity Sensor, Wood Screws, Spool Holder, Dyson Vacuum, 3d Printer Diy

Nearly all Original Prusa i3 3D printers have a spool of filament placed in the original holder on the frame. This solution is trouble-free, practical, functional and mobile. However, if you want to print from special materials, which are hygroscopic, you...

3D Printable Prusa i3 MK3 Corner ENCLOSURE - IKEA LACK table by Inglord Diy, Ikea, 3d Printer Machine Diy, 3d Printer Enclosure, Ikea Canada, 3d Printer Diy, 3d Printer Machine, Ikea Lack Table, Useful 3d Prints

Prusa i3 MK3 Corner ENCLOSURE - Ikea LACK table Top Corners inclueds brackets that allow you to use the original skrews that came with the Lack table. I made the gaps a bit tighter so the Plexi won't slip out. Let me know if it is good, too tight or too loose.. What you'll need : Print :1x Prusa_Enclosure_Top_Corners_2.5mm or 3mm version1x Prusa_Enclosure_Bottom_Corners_2.5mm or 3mm version2x Prusa_Enclosure_Door_2.5mm or 3mm version1x Prusa_Enclosure_Filament_guide Plexiglass…

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