Prusik knot

Learn how to tie the versatile Prusik knot with our step-by-step guide. Enhance your outdoor skills and safely navigate challenging climbs with this essential knot.
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A Prusik is a knot primarily used to attach a loop of cord to a rope in a way that it can be easily adjusted. Hence it can also be termed as a type of friction hitch. Prone to be misspelled as Prussic, Prusic, Prussik, Prussick and Prusick, the correct spelling can be borne in […]

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Although technically a hitch, the Prusik knot can have some unique camping usages. Sure, you could use it as an ascender for rock climbing or mountaineering, but you can also use its sliding ability to hang random things on a line, or to tension a new line to an existing line. Not really an integral camping knot, but can be a fun one to use

Danie Fourie