Pulled pork sauce

Enhance the flavor of your pulled pork with these mouthwatering sauce recipes. From tangy and sweet to spicy and smoky, discover the perfect sauce to elevate your pulled pork dish.
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Recipe video above. This takes 36 hours to make - but it's worth it. A 24-hour dry brine seasons the pork all the way through, followed by slow-roasting for 12 hours at a really low temperature. I would not tell you to roast a pork for 12 whole hours if I was not 100% sure that this produces the very best results! It really does, and the reason is simple: lower heat means less moisture loss which means more succulent meat. Plus, a great bark on the surface that everybody loves about…

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This authentic Carolina Gold BBQ sauce is a sweet and tangy mustard-based condiment that's absolutely delicious on pulled pork, chicken, or ribs! A golden yellow sauce on a pulled pork sandwich is an irresistible South Carolina experience you won't want to miss! Make this easy recipe in only five minutes!

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