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Explore the thrilling world of the Punisher on Netflix. Discover the top series and movies that bring this iconic character to life, and get ready for action-packed entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
"Frank Castle is a vigilante who, under the moniker of the Punisher, aims to clean up New York City by any means necessary." - Marvel Cinematic Universe Punisher, Marvel, Marvel Heroes, Captain Marvel, Superhero, Punisher Cosplay, Marvel Superheroes, Marvel Characters, Costume

If you had asked me once, I would've told you I was pretty much just like anyone else. And all I really gave a shit about was that my family was healthy or happy. But I lost them. Everything changed. I thought... I thought I became something different. But last night... I had a little chat with my wife. I sat by her grave, and I realized something. This is always who I was.Punisher Francis David "Frank" Castle, Sr. is a former United States Marine-turned-violent vigilante. While serving in…

Daredevil rights are back! Let's get #SaveDaredevil trending on November 29, 2020! — #SaveDaredevil Daredevil, Daredevil Characters, It Cast, Hopes And Dreams, Other People, Let It Be, November, Tweet Quotes, Like Instagram

On Sunday, November 29th, from 10am-12pm Eastern Time, we’re inviting the Fandom Without Fear and Daredevil fans around the world to join us on Twitter and other social media platforms to amplify the #SaveDaredevil hashtag worldwide and remind Disney and Marvel that the fans want to see OUR version of the Daredevil character return with Charlie Cox in the role, and the series revived with the same cast and mature rating.

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Oct 22, 2023 - They say you learn something new every day, and in this case, I just learned that Eminem just might be The Punisher's No. 1 fan. On Wednesday, the 46-year-old