Pushing boundaries

Discover how to push boundaries and break free from the norm with these inspiring ideas. Expand your horizons and embrace new possibilities today.
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Fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox works with dancers to create striking images of human bodies pushed past their physical threshold with a bit of creative editing. Impossible feats of the body are achieved in his photography, such as an image of subjects curved in both convex and concave positions while suspended in the air, and another of bodies stacked meticulously in a sort of Tetris-style configuration. You can view more of Woodcox’s creative presentations of the human form…

Naomi Pelletier
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Boundaries teach people how to treat us, they set standards of behaviour, and then allow us to both meet our needs AND protect/preserve our hearts in relationships (not just romantic).

HaroldTrulyBlessed Hicks
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Looking to get inspired? Lacking motivation? You are in the right place! These are my favourite inspirational quotes that I find really help spark motivation. Have a read through, write them down. Hover over the image to easily save to...

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