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Boost your performance with these effective race training tips. Learn how to optimize your training routine and improve your race results. Start your journey towards success today.
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Going from ‘couch to marathon‘ is an epic undertaking – and a huge adventure! In this post, I will walk through our proven ‘couch to marathon‘ method, outline the main training principles to follow, and

Kris Kinner-Clemens
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This 6-month marathon training plan is perfect for new runners, or runners with some experience under their belt! As with all our training plans, it is available for free in PDF and other formats in both miles and

Brittany Halligan
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So you have decided to do a Spartan Race! Congrats as this is exciting and daunting all at the same time. Now to set the story straight, I never competed in a race... however, I got the perfect inside scoop because I was a spectator, supporter, trainer, medical professional, and the list carries on with all the hats I put on for this race... TRUST ME! My partner, Martin, asked me if I wanted to compete in a race. I thought he was talking about a triathlon so of course I was like... ah ya…


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