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Uncover the allure and mystique of rare gemstones. Explore our collection of exquisite gemstones and find the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection.
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Relative dating is all about figuring out the order in which things happened in the past, without necessarily knowing exactly when they happened. It's like putting things in chronological order, but without knowing exactly how many years ago they happened. What is relative dating? Relative dating is like figuring out the order in which rocks formed, like putting them in first, second, third place. It doesn't tell us exactly when each rock formed, only that one rock is older or younger than…

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What would you say when I ask which gemstone is the prettiest? Most will probably say diamond, ruby or sapphire. But I’m going to show you some of the most beautiful gemstones that you may not know. This list combines commonly known gems, like opal and amethyst, with some rare and exotic minerals. They represent some… Read More »50 Most Beautiful Gemstones You’ve Ever Seen

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Each piece of Arm Candy is created with natural stones that are said to have special meaning or healing power for whomever it comes in contact. If you are thinking about having a custom piece created just for you, this chart will be a great guide to help you select the type of stones you'd like included in your pieces

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There’s no question that Mother Nature has been generous enough to give us countless gifts of everything we need to survive. Not to mention the breathtaking landscapes and adorable animals that make our hearts melt. But sometimes we can get stuck in the fast pace of our urban lifestyles and barely even notice the beauty surrounding us.

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