Rat cage

Discover the perfect rat cage for your furry friends. Explore a variety of creative and comfortable options to provide them with a cozy and stimulating environment.
bohemian solace: rat home  Thanks to pintrest inspiration I finally made my own rat cabinet :) Hamsters, Chinchillas, Diy Rat Cage Accessories Homemade, Rat Cage Accessories, Rat Cage Diy, Pet Rats Cages Diy Homemade, Pet Cage, Pet Rat Cages, Ferret Cage Diy

To make a home worthy of the refined tastes of Sir Hugo and his life partner Vinnie... After months of searching I found the perfect cabinet on Kijiji for $50. Supplies: Staple gun, wire cutters, pliers, hammer, dollar store duct tape $2 and welded hardware mesh found in the fencing department of Home Hardware $25, I decided on the 1/4inch because I thought it looked "cleaner" but you could easily use the 1/2inch. I also purchased five peel and stick tiles 3 for $1.25 from the dollar store…

Sarah Yates