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Rediscover the magic of vinyl with these unique and nostalgic record album ideas. Find inspiration to showcase your favorite albums and create a stylish and music-filled space.
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We complete our end of year review with a look at the 50 best albums of 2015. Well, that was fun wasn’t it? A year that has seen Panasonic re-launch the Technics turntable, new pressing machines hit the market for the first time in 30 years and major supermarkets find space among the groceries for […]

That's No Fun 🌙🌧
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Vinyl record album purses are the newest craft that teens want to make and carry. If you do not happen to have any old 33 LPs lying around your home, they are inexpensive at garage sales and flea markets. Be the first at your school to carry one of these fashionable vinyl record purses.

Brandi Sweazy