Red army

Explore the fascinating history and profound impact of the Red Army. Learn about their triumphs, strategies, and contributions to world history. Join us on a journey to discover the heroic stories of the Red Army soldiers.
The 12 Russian snipers responsible for the deaths of 775 German soldiers during World War II, 1945. War, Ww2, Infantry, Soviet Army, Wwii, Soldier, World War Two, Soviet, World War Ii

Looking through the long arc of time it’s easy to see the big moments, the major wins and losses, but it’s the small stories and characters who slip through the cracks of the history books that are the most interesting. Theirs are the stories that feel the most human, and provide context for grand historical moments that feel more like stories in a book than something that actually happened.These photos tell the history of people who rose to the occasion to make a change for the better, and…