Regrow lettuce

Learn how to regrow lettuce in your own home using simple and effective techniques. Discover the secrets to extending the life of your lettuce and enjoy fresh greens all year round.
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Regrow Lettuce from Scraps - What You Need to Know

Start regrowing your romaine lettuce, green onions, cilantro, and other kitchen scraps without any potting soil. These DIY growing methods only use toothpicks and a glass of water to have new leaves growing in as little as two weeks. #howto #growing #lettuce #scraps

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Stop buying lettuce. Here's how you can regrow your own lettuce right at home!

It’s no secret groceries are a big household expense so why not try to save all the money you can be regrowing some of your own produce? Turns out lettuce is one the quickest and easiest vegetables to regrow from scraps – and lettuce has some amazing health benefits! Let’s break it down. Lettuce is...

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