Relaxed hair care

Discover essential tips and techniques for caring for relaxed hair. Learn how to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and looking its best with these expert tips.
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Just like diets, it's difficult if not impossible to create a one size fits all approach to relaxed hair care. Even with tools and example regimens already on the website the endless questions I was still getting told me that the subject hadn't been covered well enough. Better is this pyramid below that shows at a glance what you should be doing daily, weekly monthly etc for the health and length of your relaxed hair growth. The pyramid by no means encompasses all aspects of relaxed hair…

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Feature| How she grew from Neck Length to Waist Length |

Hey there! I knew this pics would grab your attention. Today I'm featuring a wonderful young lady with an extraordinary hair journey. She went from neck length, damaged hair to long luscious locks. Would you like to know how? Keep reading. Meet Lade. Tell us about your hair. What is your current length and texture.My hair is texlaxed and is a little bit past waist length. My natural texture is mixture of 4b and 4c.The longest my hair was before my hair journey was grazing armpit length. How…

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LaToya Jones : 10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Shedding More Than Normal Shampoo, Hair Shedding, Hair Shedding Remedies, Normal Hair Loss, Relaxed Hair Growth, Relaxed Hair Journey, Natural Hair Growth, Hair Remedies, Hair Advice

10 reasons why your hair is shedding Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, we all want the same thing: healthy hair! There is no greater feeling than the confidence you get when your hair not only looks great, but is also healthy. We know that even healthy hair sheds, because that is a natural part of the hair growing process. So why do we freak out when we see even one strand of hair on our bathroom floors? There are instances however, where the hair is doing more than shedding and in…

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