Religious education

Explore creative and interactive religious education ideas to enhance the learning journey. Discover resources and activities that engage students and deepen their understanding of faith and spirituality.
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Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Free Printable - Pre K, Confirmation, Catholic Homeschool, Catholic Crafts, Catholic Sacraments, Catholic Schools Week, Catholic Kids Activities, Catholic Kids Crafts, Catholic Faith Formation

Kids will enjoy looking around their parish church for the items in this eye spy scavenger hunt. Simply have them look for the items and either color or check the box once discovered. Object include: Monstrance, Tabernacle, Crucifix, Stations of the Cross, Sanctuary Lamp, Stained Glass Window, Presider’s Chair, Baptismal Font, Organ, Hymnal, Alter, Statue,… Read More »Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Free Printable

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer Bible Crafts, Pre K, Faith Formation, Bible Lessons For Kids, Bible Activities, Bible For Kids, Bible Lessons, Religious Education, Bible Prayers

I am always looking for new ways to encourage kids to pray, especially to get them out of the rut of talking/asking/praising about the same things. I am just as guilty of this- I tend to remember to pray for the people I care most about, immediate situations, and my needs. The bigger picture and people I don't interact with are likely to be forgotten in typical daily prayer. Then I remembered this neat technique we used in a Christian club I was in during high school. It is about using your…

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