Rhubarb fruit leather recipe

Make your own rhubarb fruit leather at home with this easy recipe. Enjoy a healthy and tasty snack that is packed with natural flavors and nutrients. Try it now!
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A delicious, fun snack. Make it with just rhubarb or mix in other fruit for vibrant colors and great flavor combinations. Rhubarb strawberry is one of our favorites! The pectin in the applesauce helps thicken the puree so it's not too runny. Go ahead and double or triple the recipe!

Mindy Bruggeman
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Rhubarb fruit leather is a chewy, dried fruit snack made from pureed rhubarb and sugar. It is a healthy and flavorful alternative to traditional fruit snacks, and can be enjoyed on-the-go or as a sweet treat. The tangy taste of rhubarb lends a unique flavor to the fruit leather, making it a delicious and nutritious...Read On →

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This flexible homemade fruit leather recipe is meant to work with whatever amount of rhubarb you have. Because my dehydrator has 8 trays, I make a huge batch at once to save time. You could make less if you'd rather.I like to keep added sugar to a minimum and enjoy the tartness of the rhubarb, but this recipe involves tasting so you can achieve the sweetness you prefer.

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Ditch the highly processed and sugar-packed snacks with this tasty homemade recipe! Who wouldn’t like a healthier option than your standard almost-completely-sugar fruit roll-ups?! Especially…

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