Rosemary tree

Enhance the beauty of your home with a gorgeous rosemary tree. Discover creative ways to incorporate this fragrant herb into your indoor or outdoor space and enjoy its aromatic presence.

Deborah Silver is an accomplished and experienced landscape and garden designer whose firm first opened its doors in 1986.

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Rosemary is a beautiful plant to grow in tree form, generally as a potted rosemary topiary. Rosemary trees are most often formed into a standard ball shape on a long stem, creating a lollipop-like mini rosemary tree. Here are some care tips and ideas for growing your own rosemary topiary tree at home. Contents show …

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Just a guess: If you grow rosemary you're probably growing it for culinary purposes. While attractive enough of a plant, it probably isn't the first plant that comes to mind when you think of attractive foliage or blooms. But when you talk about fragrance....Wow! I'm one of those people that isn't crazy-crazy for the taste of rosemary (I'm working on it) but I do love the fragrance. My hand invariably brushes across the top of any rosemary plant outside or in the greenhouse and I do enjoy…