Rubber flooring bathroom

Transform your bathroom with modern and waterproof rubber flooring. Discover top ideas to create a stylish and functional space that is easy to maintain.
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Chances are good that you’ve seen rubber flooring in a school, or a commercial building, or at your gym, but we’re here to make the case for why you should consider it as a choice for your home, too. We’ve rounded up plenty of inspiring photos of rubber floors in the home, along with seven things you might not have known about this incredibly durable, hardwearing material. 5. It doesn’t have to have that bumpy texture.

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While researching alternative flooring options for a room in my home, I came across an intriguing possibility–rubber flooring. Yes, rubber flooring! No, it’s not just for home gyms and industrial spaces. In fact, the water-resistant properties and durability of rubber flooring make it ideal for spaces such as bathrooms and kids’ rooms. Yet it’s increasingly […]

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When choosing a flooring option for your bathroom, there are several different things to consider. And though tile is the go-to option for most bathrooms, there are several different alternatives that you can choose from. We have researched some of the best bathroom flooring options, and in this post, we will go over them. Here […]

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