Rule of three

Learn how to effectively use the rule of three in your writing to create memorable and impactful content. Discover the secrets behind this powerful technique and elevate your writing to the next level.
Employ the "Rule Of 3" for Daily, Weekly and Annual Productivity

Planning your goals is one step of being productive, but it's just as important to review those goals, set sub-tasks and provide context with larger o

Lexi Miller
Use the Rule of Why to Find Your Character’s Deeper Motivation – Penn & Paper Reading, Motivation, Inspiration, Katniss, Third, Why, Tips, Cut, Characters

Think of your favorite character from a book (or movie or TV show). List out the reasons why you like them so much–or why you find them compelling, even if they aren’t very likable. Sure, it probably has something to do with finding them relatable or funny or clever or having a tragic backstory. But none of these things on their own make a character truly stand out. Instead, what will make a character feel real, feel like an actual person that will stick in your reader’s mind long after the…

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