Sage wands

Experience the transformative power of sage wands for cleansing and healing. Find top ideas to purify your space and promote positive energy with sage wands.
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So many Sage Smudge Sticks ~ Here’s what each does!

Most of us know about White Sage Smudge Sticks and their many benefits of cleansing. But how about all the other new forms we offer here at MoonstoneGypsyAu. Being of Cherokee Nation blood, this is my favourite method of cleansing, ritual and removing negativity from my Spirit, home, crystals and my Distant Reiki heali

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Rose Quartz Rosemary Sage Lavender Smudge Stick - Etsy

Rose quartz smudge stick is wonderful for promoting self love. It attracts gentle love. Strengthening the physical heart. This listing is for one smudge stick unless otherwise stated :) Please note that these will come dried! The photos with fresh flowers were just new batches photographed to get the listing back up quickly. Each batch will vary in appearance sometimes flower stock will vary. For the most part I Keep them the same as the photos but sometimes a flower type will need to…

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Floral Smudge Wands & Why We Don't Use White Sage

While we have discussed the scarcity of white sage many times across different channels, many people are still unaware of the 'at risk' status of white sage. It is something that we need to be aware of when making conscious purchases, especially online where you don't really know where something comes from. It is

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SKIEHAN 3 Pack 8.5" Sage Smudge Kit with Flowers Smudge Sticks California White Sage Clusters Salvia apiana White Sage Cedar Selenite Amethyst for Home Religion Energy Spiritual Cleansing Blessing

1. Sage Smudge Kit PACKING LIST - Each pack include 3 dundles smudge kit. Diameter 1.6 inches and 7 inches length; 1 piece Selenite 3.9x0.4x0.4 inches; 1 piece amethyst; 1 piece lavender sachet 2. Smudge Sticks MATERIALS - Each bundle include white sage, Cedar, Lavender bouquet and Rose. Each bundle around 40g 3. CLEAR NEGATIVE ENERGY - For Hundreds of Years, White Sage Has Been Burned All Around The World For Sacred Ceremonies. White Sage is Said to Have Healing Benefits Such As Cleansing…