Scary alien

Explore chilling tales of scary alien encounters and unexplained phenomena. Discover the truth behind these spine-tingling stories and prepare to be amazed.

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools in human’s evolutionary struggle for survival. As a race, we are hardwired to consider important concepts, such as the creation of life on Earth and the history of people on this planet. At some point, we are all presented with various explanations and theories regarding the expansion of human life on Earth. In the long history of mankind, the majority of these concepts have followed religious teachings and the power of a spiritual God or Gods…

Claudio Cammarata
Ancient Aliens, Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy, Creature Concept Art, Creature Concept, Grey Alien, Creature Design, Alien Concept Art, Scary Alien

In this tutorial you be guided step by step through the process of concepting an alien creature in Zbrush. Also covered is some basic theory and understanding of Zbrush and its uses for concept art. Package Includes: 8 video lessons Final Sculpt ZTL 1 Final PSD file 2 hrs of guided narration explaining the step by step process for creating the model and image seen in promo Note: for a more comprehensive introduction to zbrush see my other course Introduction to Creature Sculpti

Brunna Sabine