School garden club

Join the school garden club and discover inspiring ideas to create a thriving and beautiful garden. Get involved in hands-on activities and learn how to cultivate a love for nature.
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Gardening has many benefits for children. While it has great health and social implications, it also offers brilliant hands on experience for learning. Inspired by the school and community garden stories, we’ve put together a guide to help get you started – from thinking about how to use the space, to how to involve the children and school community.

Kayla Raye
Begin a school garden with tight funds by using community resources, connecting with local gardeners, and planting seeds in recycled containers. Buy organic compost in bulk to avoid purchasing expensive fertilizers and guarantee key nutrients in your school garden. Nature, Outdoor, Ideas, Compost, Organic Gardening, Gardening For Kids, Community Gardening, Gardening Tips, Outdoor Learning

Beginning a school garden with a limited budget calls for creativity. Learn money-saving suggestions for a school garden including finding community resources, where to search online for cheap or free garden tools, acquiring and starting seeds, and best practices for buying compost in bulk.

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