Scrapbook paper wall art

Transform your walls with unique and beautiful scrapbook paper wall art. Explore top ideas to add color and personality to any room in your home.
42 Ways to Decorate with Scrapbook Paper (I just bought a bunch of scrapbook paper from Michael's @ 6 for $1....gotta lotta artsy projects in mind)

Scrapbook paper is awesome because it is relatively inexpensive, is easy to work with, and can transform and embellish just about anything in your home. I have used scrapbook paper in the past to create wedding decor, spice up my walls, transform boring objects, and create seasonal decorations for parties. Today, I am sharing with you 42 different ways that you can decorate your home using scrapbook paper. If you have never used scrapbook paper to decorate with before, then you are in for…

Catherine Alegria
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Don't you just love scrapbook paper? It's uses are virtually endless. I finally got around to completing a simple wall art project using scrapbook paper, white poster board, and 6 uniform frames. Here's what said wall used to look like. It was time to freshen things up a bit and that particular wall needed more color. (See what I did there? Time. The clock. You missed that, didn't you) I was struck with inspiration when I saw this wall of fun frames on Pinterest. Source here. But my mind…