Sea spider

Dive into the depths of the ocean and discover the intriguing world of sea spiders. Learn about their unique characteristics and witness their mesmerizing beauty in the underwater realm.
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The giant sea spider (Colossendeis colossea) is an animal found only in abyssal regions. It appears in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2. "These fascinating creatures have thin, red bodies with four pairs of long limbs and two pairs of shorter ones. Larger specimens can actually have a leg span of almost 2 feet. They can be found year-round in the deepest parts of the ocean. These arthropods have a proboscis, or elongated mouthpart, that is almost as large as their entire torso. Also…

Adam Dodds

It looks like something out of a horror movie-a spider bigger than an adult's hand, with long legs and no face, creeping along the dark, silent ocean floor in search of its next victim. When it finds one, it latches on and begins sucking out its prey's juices like soda through a straw. This is the giant sea spider, and it's much scarier than the eight-legged creatures that live in your basement!What's in a Leg? Because the giant sea spider has such a small body, many of its organs run…

Cherita Kershner
Pycnogonids, Sea Spiders – Animal Bytes

Dr Chloe Cyrus-Kent, a past PhD student of the museum, writes: Among the museum’s wonderful arthropods, to me the pycnogonids stand out as being both beautiful and completely bizarre too. The…

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