Sharpie plates

Discover creative and easy designs for Sharpie plates that will make your dining experience more colorful and unique. Get inspired and start creating your own stunning designs today.
Kittye Gets Crafty: A Guide for Successfully Writing on Ceramics with Sharpies Writing, Writing On Mugs, Write On Glass, Sharpie Plates, Diy Sharpie, Crafty, Giving Plate, Diy Marker, Sharpie Pens

Hello again! This is going to be pretty short. If you're finding this post on Pinterest, you have probably seen pins and posts about using Sharpies on ceramic plates, baking them, and then they are permanent, right? However, if you're like me, you tried this and failed miserably...Or maybe that's just me? Who knows. :) Anyway, I've done a good bit of research and trial and error testing, and I have actually had some success! Here are some of the tips to my triumph. 1. Make sure you wash the…

Kittye Parker