Sheep homestead

Transform your homestead into a cozy and functional space with these creative sheep ideas. Discover how to create a thriving environment for your flock and make the most of your sheep homestead.

“HOW’D THEY DO THAT?” HOMESTEADING SERIES (POST #2) - Raising sheep for milk HERE’S HOW ONE NOVA SCOTIA FAMILY STARTED A SHEEP DAIRY FROM SCRATCH AND HOW YOU CAN TOO. Sunrise. April 2017. Meghan Spares felt a surge of panic as she watched her ewe struggling in vain to give birth. A quick check and she easily discovered the problem - the lamb's tail. The baby was coming backward. As a newbie shepherdess, Meghan's mind was racing with angst as she uselessly tried to recall what to do. So she…

Whitney Boehmer
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If you’re thinking about raising sheep, you’ll likely find yourself with many important decisions to make. One of them is the type of sheep to raise on your farm. If you’re new to sheep farming, the Racka Sheep breed can be an excellent choice. Racka is a hardy, multipurpose breed used for meat, wool, and … Racka Sheep Breed (Breed Info, Characteristics, Origin, & Uses!) Read More »

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