Sicilian meatballs

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Sicilian meatballs. Try these authentic recipes to experience the rich and savory taste of Sicily's culinary heritage.
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The best authentic and traditional Sicilian meatballs (prupetti) recipe is of course my mom's! These meatballs are soft, moist and cheesy and not at all dry. Simmer them in a fragrant tomato sauce that you will serve tossed with pasta and enjoy the meatballs as a second course for the ultimate, perfect Sunday lunch. I'm sharing all my mom's tips for the perfect meatballs!

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Really, I'm not bragging, my Mom's meatball recipe is the best!!! When my son-in-law tasted my Mom's meatballs for the first time he asked me for the recipe. I was very cordial, but I had to reframe from passing him the recipe at that time. I courteously said, at this time, I will have to reframe from giving you the recipe since you are not family but if things progress in your relationship with my daughter and there are some wedding bells in the future, at that time we will reassess the…

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