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Take your singing skills to the next level by participating in these thrilling competitions. Show off your talent and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Join now and showcase your vocal prowess!
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"18-Year- Old, Layne Hardy excites judges and audience with his cover of Sam Cooke’s 1962 hit “Bring it on Home to Me.” Livingston Louisiana native, Layne Hardy, has a soulful yet rockabilly sound that was made famous by musicians like Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and Buddy Holly back in the 1950s and 60s. Although he

Barb Flannery
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As a judge on several different talent and singing competitions, you'd think Simon Cowell has seen it all. Guess not! Five older gentlemen walked out on the Britain's Got Talent stage clad in cardigans. The judges didn't exactly know what they would be doing until one man revealed the name of their group: Old Men Grooving. The looks on the judges faces said it all. They weren't expecting much and all four were ready to hit their buzzer. Cowell's eyes rolled the minute the music began playing…

Rose Perantie
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Over and over again, you've been told never to judge a book by its cover. Well, it's true. But even reality show judges sometimes forget this old truth and it seems as though they have to relearn it every week! One lady teaches this very lesson to the judges on the popular reality TV show

Kimberly Conroy
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No One Has EVER Performed “Hallelujah” The Way Michael Rice Just Did This was the song that made the former fast-food worker, Michael Rice the winner of "All Together Now" Season 1, bagging him the £50,000 prize. The BBC TV show, All Together Now, introduced some extremely talented people to the world. The show works

Dora Reins