Skull island

Embark on an exciting adventure to Skull Island and discover its hidden treasures. Uncover the mysteries of this enigmatic island and satisfy your curiosity.
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Skull Island (髑髏島, dokuro-jima?), officially known as Isla De Craneo, is an island located in the Pacific Ocean and a prominent location in the 2017 MonsterVerse film Kong: Skull Island. Surrounded by perpetual storms, it has remained uncharted and contains one of the few openings, known as Vile Vortexes, where superspecies like Titans can emerge from the Hollow Earth. Skull Island received its name based on how the island eerily resembles the shape of a human skull when observed from a…

Kughii UN
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It has been in my mind for way too long, to make one decent fan art for the mighty Kong! :D And I happened to win the Concept Art Award in the Fan Art category with this one! Check out the details here: