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Explore a collection of unique and stylish Slavic clothing ideas to add a touch of cultural flair to your wardrobe. Discover traditional patterns and designs that showcase the beauty of Slavic fashion.
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Conor Hughes
The Sukman coat from West Krakow. Country, Coat West, Coat, Historical Clothing, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Fashion, Folk Clothing, Ethnic Fashion, Polish Traditional Costume

Hello all, Here you can see the mens Krakowiak costume as it appears on stage and in parades today. This one variant has taken over. The only significant difference is in the embroidery on the front corners of the kaftan. In actuality there was much more variety of clothing worn by the men in the Krakow district. This version is based on the one which was taken as a military dress uniform for the Polish army for a time. There has always been a strong influence of military uniforms on mens…

Renetta Mady
Male clothing from Novhorod-Siverskyi district, Chernihiv region of Ukraine (this area is called “Eastern Polissia” or “Eastern woodland”. It is a northern part of the country). The end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century Cosplay, Country, Outfits, Design, Russian Clothing, Ukrainian Clothing, Culture Clothing, Historical Dresses, Male Clothing

Vintage men’s clothing in Ukraine is rather hard to find. Most of such garments didn’t survive till these days, unlike female costumes (of which there are plenty). We would like to show you 12 authentic male outfits from the end of the 19th – the first half of the 20th century. The garments are stored in The Ukrainian national center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” and in private collections. You can find some pretty interesting and opulent pieces here. Also, there are several…