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Explore a world of imagination and learning with soft books for babies. Find the perfect soft book that will engage and entertain your little one while promoting early literacy skills.
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Inside: I believe that engaging kids in creative play don't have to be overwhelming, so yourself a headache with these useful tips you need to know before starting making a quiet book. Okay, you decided to make a DIY quiet book as a present, but know what? Are you a bit confused and overwhelmed with

Gail Pollett
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Quiet book is a cloth book consisting of fabric pages with learning activities to develop fine motor skills and imagination of toddler and baby. A great interactive sensory toy to hold your kid's interest for a long time. This busy book offers hands-on experience focusing on skills like recognizing shapes, learning colors, buttoning, snapping, and getting dressed (buckle page with zipper, ties, lacing, etc.). This item will be a good tutorial device for parents practicing Montessori…

Lyall Schwikkard

Do you love quiet books? I do! And because I couldn’t fit all the fun pages I wanted to make into one book, I made a second one! Keep reading to find out what I did this time and how you can …

Debra Grundahl