Solar chimney

Discover how solar chimneys can help generate sustainable energy for your home. Explore innovative ideas and learn how to incorporate solar chimneys into your eco-friendly lifestyle.
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Transforming an industrial architecture into the training centre inspired by the principles of green economy and sustainable development.The “recycling” of an architecture will enable the creation of the first and most important school of ecology and sus…

Adrian Garcia
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | A First Approach to Natural Thermoventilation of Residential Buildings through Ventilation Chimneys Supplied by Solar Ponds Energy Saving House, Solar Chimney, Biomimicry Architecture, Solar Pond, Passive House Design, Passive Solar Heating, Free Energy Projects, House Heating, Geothermal Heating

The exploitation of natural ventilation is a good solution to improve buildings from an energetic point of view and to fulfill the requirements demanded by the thermohygrometric comfort and the air quality in enclosed spaces. Some past researches demonstrated how some devices, useful to this purpose, follow the principles of solar chimneys and are able to move air masses while exploiting the Archimedes thrust. The natural ventilation must be supplied by a flow moving upward, generated by a…

Mike Osswald