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I walked into the gym with a confident face on. The Gamemakers studied me and I saw Seneca Crane stare at me and nod slightly. I ran to the shelf that held the spears and knifes and picked up a sharp double sided spear. I aimed at a dummy and threw it hard. I picked up small throwing knives and proceeded to throw them also. I thanked the Gamemakers and walked out. I thought that I had pretty good aim and hit the dummy in the heart and head. At least an 11 Weapons, Double Sided Spear, Spear Staff, Double Ended Spear, Arm Armor, Spears Design, Spears, Zombie Survival, Battle Field

A spear from the distant world of Ivalice. An incredibly long spear of simple design that must be handled with two hands, regardless of the physical strength of the wielder. This spear is said to be so rare and so difficult to obtain in its world of origin that many believed it to be a mere myth. The Zodiac Spear (最強の矛, Saikyou no Hoko?, lit. Strongest Halberd) is a recurring spear in the Final Fantasy series being usually depicted as the strongest one in games in which it appears. The…

Philip Busse

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