Spiral garden

Transform your outdoor space with these creative spiral garden ideas. Add a unique touch to your garden with a spiral-shaped design that will impress your guests and create a visually stunning landscape.
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Modern Farmer Publisher Frank Giustra sees nature's perfection in the Fibonacci Sequence inspired herb spiralIf I had huge aspirations but a small outdoor space, the one thing I would build to guarantee the biggest return on investment would be an herb spiral. Herb spirals are beautiful, productive, righteous installations -- popular in permaculture circles, but little known in mainstream garden design. I think of my herb spiral as a one-stop culinary trip around the world. Its many…

Tammy Kennett
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If you’re fairly new to gardening, the herb spiral is one of the best beginning gardening adventures. Creating one of these beautiful, functional pieces of landscape art will naturally teach you some of the most important gardening wisdom, wisdom that’s …

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