Spiral sun catchers diy

Learn how to make stunning spiral sun catchers at home. Add a touch of whimsy and beauty to your space with these DIY creations that catch and reflect sunlight in mesmerizing patterns.
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For those of you who might have some days off before Christmas and still want to keep busy with holiday crafting, you'll love making these spiral ornaments. They're surprisingly easy to make and they look like something that could be store-bought. In my opinion, anyway. • Beading wire - 24 gauge • Small beads (including crystal) • a small crystal for the end • some jewelry pliers and wire cutters • paperclips (to hang on the tree)Step 1Turn the end of your wire into a ring.I used one of…

Patti Eppler
Craft idea for a meeting  For the "light" Spiral Sun Catchers...make into any shape. Stars would be cute

I made these easy Sun Catchers a few weeks ago when we did actually have sun. They are so easy to make and look really pretty and cheerful hanging up... I love…

Sarah Shelton