Structured water

Learn about the amazing benefits of structured water and how it can improve your overall health and well-being. Find top ideas to implement structured water into your daily routine and experience the difference.
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Find water structurers at: Structured water has a symmetrical arrangement of water molecules, a sacred geometry whose coherence channels life-force energy. Fresh natural spring water is highly structured. And so is the water in your body. Structured water is much more bioavailable - easier for your body to absorb. It hydrates more deeply than normal, "bulk" or unstructured water. Water LOSES it’s structure when it becomes stagnant, or is…

Sara Tippett
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Our exploration into the nature and implications of structured water continues. The efficacy and power of structured water will not always show up in standard water purity tests, where “normal” is based on particle counts. In fact, “purity” is not an appropriate measuring criterion for structured water. Balance is. Coherence is. When water is structured, it is balanced and coherent,…

Alexandrea Shipley