Stuffed lobster tail

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of stuffed lobster tail with these delectable recipes. Discover how to prepare and enjoy this luxurious dish at home.
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It's hard to believe that it is coming up on 2 years since I started this fabulous group called Fish Friday Foodies. What makes it so fabulous? The amazing, supportive and loving group of bloggers who join me each and every month. We take turns each month choosing a theme. This gives us all inspiration to get creative and have some fun. This month, with Thanksgiving breathing down our necks, I had stuffing on my mind. I love stuffing and thought it would make a perfect theme for this month's…

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Nothing makes me feel more fancy than lobster, and these lobster tails—stuffed with a crab cake mix—are sensational. And, since I'm a self-proclaimed sauce girl, I like to serve my Blender Béarnaise sauce over the top. That's right—I've made homemade béarnaise sauce easier than ever, so if you've been shy about making it, you should give this method a try!

Tina Adams