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When I set the goal to eat only the veggies from my garden for a whole year, I had one big problem. I had no idea how many plants we needed to grow for a years worth of food! Since I grow for six people in a 3500 square foot garden with some space allocated for fruits, my amounts needed to be precise.

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Learn how to live off the grid with methods for building off-grid water systems, solar power and homestead gardening tips. Learn survival skills, how to build a bug out bag, and wilderness survival techniques. Learn homesteading and off grid living with Rustic Skills! Off grid water systems, homestead gardening, primitive survival skills, solar power, and more.

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Even on a small 1-acre farm, you can create a self-sufficient homestead by following these guidelines. Companion Planting Guide, Self Sufficient Homestead, Growing Tomatoes In Containers, Grow Tomatoes, Farm Plans, Farm Layout, Homestead Farm, 1 Acre Homestead Layout Small Farm, Modern Homesteading

Find 1-acre farm ideas to start your 1-acre homestead layout plan with a dairy cow to keep your family healthy with quality dairy products, all while improving your land's soil fertility.

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Can you really homestead on 1 acre of land or less? Yes! Here's how to make the most of your small homestead by choosing the best livestock and plants!

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