Sweet cow

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Embrace the sweetness of summer with this Cute Kawaii Little Cow Sitting in Summer Flowers. This adorable image captures the innocence and charm of a little cow amidst a vibrant field of summer flowers. With its gentle expression and cute design, it's sure

Darling Jersey calves. They were rescued when being auctioned off to be turned into veal. Photo: Marji Beach Animal Kingdom, Dogs, Manx, Bear, Mammals, Alpacas, Animals Friends, Cattle, Animals And Pets

Summer (left) and Freedom (right) bond so cutely it leaves most people unconscious. That is the power of the bovine calf. Both of these calves were rescued from a livestock auction where they would have been sold for veal or cheap dairy beef. They are male Jerseys, unwanted calves of the dairy industry. They never nursed off of their moms or bonded with them. Now, they have each other. Lucky. www.animalplace.org

Sandra Neubauer