Swing Dance

Learn the exciting world of swing dance with our beginner-friendly tutorials and explore advanced moves and styles. Join the swing dance community and start swinging today!
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Swing dancing came about in the late 1930s and had a revival in the 1990s. Many continue to swing dance and love to dress up in vintage styles. Clothing styles from the 1940s and 1950s have the most appeal to swing dancers and lindy hoppers, whereas Charleston dresses are ideal for '20s dances. These two

Roaring 1920s Dance Styles - Charleston, Fox Trot, Texas Tommy

Dancing and Fashion! Ahhh, now we get into what got me interested in vintage fashion in the first place (You can read my story here). The roaring '20s dances were wild and carefree. Previously, ballroom dancing, although silly with "animal dances," was structured and tame compared to the independent "Charleston," "Black Bottom," and "Shimmy" dances

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