T shirt quilt diy

Turn your old t-shirts into a cozy quilt with these creative DIY ideas. Learn how to make a personalized t-shirt quilt and preserve your memories in style.
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Have you been asked to make a T-shirt quilt for a friend or family member? ...just wait, it’s coming. They craftily ambush the unsuspecting quilter and before you know it, you are cursing the day you were born! I've actually made dozens of T-shirt quilts over the years, and have amassed an arsenal of tricks to make just about any fabric work (including one quilt made entirely out of ski bibs from an Olympic downhill skier). I’m also going to show you how this trick works with

Jen Kossoy
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Last year for my son's High School graduation, I made him this T-shirt rag quilt. I didn't save all of his T-shirts for 18 years planning on making a quilt out of them; I saved them because he was extremely sentimental and wouldn't let me throw anything away. I didn't even get the idea to make a quilt out of them until about one month before his graduation when I was cleaning out the basement and came across a very large tote of his shirts. Now I'm so glad he was sentimental and made me save…

Sarah Owens